No extra cost – No membership fees

Not any charge for be a member, Only need to be approved before see all discounted prices for partners.

Free cancellation

If you change your mind, You can cancel any time without explication and you’ll get an immediate refund.

Start with us is really easy!

As soon you account is approved you’ll can book any product from our web with special prices only for you.

  • 1Create your partner account
  • 2Wait for approbation
  • 3Login to you account to see all discounted Prices


Yes, all travel agencies can request registration in our agency portal. Once the information from the travel agency has been verified and validated, the account will be activated so that you can buy any product from our catalog at a discount.

They must put their official document of the country and the travel agent code that they use. Indicate a Social Network and if you have reviews in any of them, indicate a link.

Registration must always be done with an agency email. We do not accept personal emails.

The agency commission is 20% of the retail price on with the exception of Coco Bongo and transportation services which will be a commission of 15%.

It will be discounted at the same time of making the reservation payment. In addition, we will generate a commission self-invoice for you to download. It is very easy to work with us!

The agency commission is not applicable on special quotes or private services that are not for sale on It also does not apply to free tours, since they are priceless.

We do not make temporary blockages of places or pre-reservations. All services must be paid in full at the time of booking.

All our activities are for immediate confirmation and are paid at the time of booking by credit card, debit card or PayPal.

Since we receive a large number of registrations per day, the maximum estimated validation time is 2 business days. The internal review and subsequent activation process will follow the chronological order of the records.

If you do not remember your password or username, you can click on remember password

Keep in mind that when the account is validated, you will receive an email from the platform with a link to set the password. This link only lasts for 24 hours and then expires. In case it has expired, you can go to the agency panel and in the “I forgot my password” section, request it again.

Any other question? you can contact us by email or WhatsApp +18093510545